2014 (archived)

Event Report – Eastbourne Half Marathon 2nd March 2014

Hastings and Rother RAYNET joined forces with Eastbournes RAYNET group to help provide emergency communications cover for the Eastbourne Half Marathon event held on the 2nd March.

The weather was fortunately somewhat better than some expected being quite fair on the seafront with occasional gusts which no doubt made the marathon runners somewhat happier than having to deal with the inclement weather we have seen in recent weeks.

H&RRG worked alongside the Eastbourne group whos control unit was set up in Princes Park opposite the Sovereign sports centre and employed sweep vehicles and a considerable number of RAYNET operatives along the courses route which proved to provide more than adequate cover for the event.

H&RRG are looking forward to working with Eastbourne’s group in the future following the succesful co-operative enjoyed between both groups at this event.

Event Report – Hastings Half Marathon 23rd March 2014

Working in cooperation with the Hastings Half-Marathon event marshalls, Hastings and Rother RAYNET provided emergency communications support for the event which was attended by many hundreds of members of the general public.

With the clocks set and runners underway, barriers were implemented along the entire marathon route which resulted in a minimum of disruption to local vehicular traffic and  helped to ensure the safety of the several thousand runners who were taking part in the run.

During the event, one ambulance was dispatched to aid a runner which arrived in good time to provide medical assistance for the involved party and was taken to the Red Cross aid centre located at the starting area of the race.

RAYNET control received a mobile phone which was dropped by a runner in the race near the cemetary gates and handed in by a member of the general public. The mobile phone owner was pleased to be reunited with their property after the phone was dispatched via courier to them in North London on Sunday.

H&RRG are looking forward to working with the Hastings Half-Marathon organisers next year following a successful and enjoyed by the public and runners alike.

Forthcoming event – Bexhill Roaring 20s Saturday 19th July 2014

The Hastings and Rother RAYNET Group are pleased to announce that they will be providing emergency communications support for the Bexhill Roaring 20’s event taking place on Saturday, 19th July 2014.

The event is chock full of entertainment and visitors will no doubt be delighted with the various air displays including the Breitling Wing Walkers and the ‘Turbulent Air’ display. There will be music, food and other live entertainment all day long and there is certainly something for all the family to enjoy.

H&RRG will be operational by 9am and will be working closely with the Police and other safety services who will be present to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and trouble free time.

Bexhill Roaring 20’s 19th July 2014 – Event Report

This was a new event for the Group and as such much left to be done with what, where and how Group members were to be allocated positions until the day of the event.

Members were soon allocated areas of the promenade to patrol but a low profile was required because of the type of day it was meant to be – family fun day.

There with children’s events and costume wearing and they played their part well.  Adults too were encouraged to participate and some very good costumes were seen on the day.  People were dressed in 20’s style clothing riding bicycles up and down the promenade and generally talking everybody that stopped and asked questions, some even had their photos taken by the public!

A stage was erected at one end of the new enclosure and several performances in 20’s style took place during the day.  A raid on a shop, with dressed up robbers and police – took place in the town and proved to be very successful.

One area that proved very popular was the “Old Bangers” section consisting of vintage cars and motor cycles. Although this was not part of the main area of events it proved very popular with people taking photos of some really remarkable cars, an old “E” Type, one of the first Aston Martin’s and an Anglia 105E.

A navy band played during the afternoon along the promenade and proved to be a favourite for those with cameras.

The most popular event during the day was the 3 displays of old airplanes, one of which was a wing walking display. Some members of the Group had a good view of this as their position was along the seafront.

The weather turned out to be a scorcher, even though we were promised thunder storms during the day, and this was a bit of a problem for some of the Group as there was know where to hide from the sun whilst patrolling certain areas of the event.

Report by Steve (M0SSR).

Hastings Pirate Day 20th July 2014 – Event Report

This is a popular event which has grown over the years to the extent that Hastings holds the record for the most number of pirates at any one location at the same time. This is an established event for the Group, and a whole day event, so planning and organising was fairly straight forward from RAYNET’s point of view.

There were two control positions, one at the Lifeboat Station and one at Aquila House, and communication between the two was very successful, even though it may have been unnecessary to have had two controls, but that is what the organisers wanted. RAYNET operators were posted at road closures and patrolling areas of the Old Town during the event throughout the day and communication was good. A procession of Pirates, consisting of a few thousand and visitors, paraded through the High Street and down All Saints Street during the afternoon.

This was fairly straight forward affair, as the Group often do processions, and it went well with only a few adjustments needed for crowd control. There were every few incidents during the day and communication without stations was first class. When an incident did happen it was dealt with quickly and efficiently by all parties.

Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group would like to thank the members of Eastbourne & Wealden RAYNET Group for their assistance during the day. Without their help we may not have been able to cover this event. Inspire and RAYNET worked well together for this event and we, RAYNET, would like to congratulate the organisers for a good day.

Report by Steve (M0SSR)

Bexhill Party in the Park 25th July 2014 – Event Report

Party in the Park is a very low key affair for Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group, as the name suggests “Party” and that is exactly what it was.

The organisation of the event was well run and well attended. Our congratulation to the organisers.

There were Tribute bands playing most of the evening and the crowd showed their appreciation in the usual manner. The fair seemed to be very busy and as always RAYNET were on hand to assist the public with the many question they had. RAYNET had very little to do, other than that already mentioned, and there were no incidents. The Group enjoyed the evening, with the odd burger thrown in, it was a nice relaxing event for us.

The fire work display lasted for the usual amount of time and as usual most of them were accompanied by a large explosion which of course frightened most of the dogs and young children at the event.

The Group would like to thanks the organisers for inviting RAYNET to assist with the communications for the event and look forward to assisting them again in 2015.

Report by Steve (M0SSR).

Bexhill Carnival 26th July 2014 – Event Report

Yet another well organised event attended by the Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group.

We have been part of this event for many years now and each year it gets better and better.

From RAYNETS point of view we made slight changes to our job of assisting the Carnival procession. In the past we have had Group members stationed at various points along the route but this has proved a valuable waste of resource as Marshals are stationed at the rolling road closures and there is no need for communication other than between the Marshals themselves, and this year their comms were very good.   Instead our members were positioned within the Carnival procession at various points.   This proved to be better use of the members as more information regarding gaps within the procession – not good for the public to see gaps or traffic waiting to get through – which could be dealt with right away by slowing the lead car so allowing the gaps to close up.

The event went very well and there were no incidents along the way. Rolling Road closures were a success. Communication between the Group members was as usual at its best.

The Group would like to thanks the organisers for inviting RAYNET to part of their day and we would like to congratulate them on a well run event. We look forward to being asked to assist them again in 2015.

Report by Steve (M0SSR).

Hastings Pram Race 30th July 2014 – Event Report

The event was attended by 4 members of the Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group (H&RRG).

The event consists of many, well designed – but not always stable – hand built prams. The idea of the event is that there are teams and each team hast to gain points by visiting as many pubs, in an allotted time frame, and answer questions. Each question comes with a drink and clearly the end result is the team with the most points at the end of the time frame.

The event was as usual, well attended by many teams from the local area of Hastings including a team from the Lifeboat station. Unfortunately the team from the Lifeboat Station were a member down as the Lifeboat had to be called to a shout regarding the Eastbourne Pier which was ablaze.

H&RRG are on hand to pass messages to the organisers and user services if any incidents arise during the evening. This year was no exception and all went well for the organisers.

User services were in attendance, St. Johns Ambulance, SECAM and the usual Police presence were on hand to cover any incident that may have arisen.
We would like to thank the organisers for inviting H&RRG to attend their event to assist with communication and look forward to being asked to assist next year. We would also like to thank the Lifeboat Station for allowing H&RRG to use their lecture room for our control.

Hastings Carnival 2nd August 2014 – Event Report

The event was attended by 8 members of the Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group (H&RRG), which a couple short of our usual commitment due to holidays. This is the last event for us during the Summer month of August and we now have a rest having attended 6 events since the 19th July.

The event, was as usual, well attended by the locals of Hastings which lined the route up to 5/6 deep at some places. The procession included most of the local carnival Queens form Kent, Sussex and surrounding areas. Floats from local businesses and charities were in attendance and the procession took approximately two and a half hours to complete its route.

Hastings Carnival is a well established event for H&RRG and requires very little organisation as those who attend know where and what to expect during the day.

User services were in attendance, St. Johns Ambulance, SECAM and the usual Police presence were on hand to cover any incident that may have arisen.

As at most events, there seems to be a reduced amount of volunteers for Marshaling duties which always keeps the organisers on their toes trying to cover all the areas that need controlling, and, as usual they somehow manage.
We would like to thank the organisers for inviting H&RRG to attend their event to assist with communication and look forward to being asked to assist next year. We would also like to thank the Lifeboat Station for allowing H&RRG to use their lecture room for our control.

H&RRG Battle Fun Run event report 7th September 2014

The group attended the Battle fun run on 7th September 2014 with 8 members taking part.  It turned out to be a very warm and sunny day for the runners and for the RAYNET operators.

There was a junior race which started at the Abbey Green and went up to the roundabout and back again.  The senior race started Half way up Battle High street and covered a distance of 10k.  The winner managed a creditable time of just over 32 minutes.

RAYNET operators were posted around the course at various points with Control at the Abbey Green.  A very enjoyable day was had by one and all and the event organisers have thanked us, via Twitter, for our valuable assistance at this very well run event.

H&RRG Northiam Bonfire Event Report October 2014

Another well run event with plenty of Marshals and fund collectors around the town.  This event was assisted by Hastings & Rother RAYNET who were only to pleased to accept the responsibility of communications for the evening.  The road closures were all in place at the right time and all operators on station before the required time.

The procession this year changed slightly in as much it started form the bonfire field travelled north to the old “Muddy Duck” pub and returned to the bonfire field. Local police were in attendance from as far away as Rye, Bexhill and Hastings.  There were no problems with traffic and all drivers appeared to be happy with the road closures – if such a thing can happen – as many were locals and prepared for the vent.

Small changes on the night meant that not all road closures stayed in operation for the duration of the event.  The north road closure was able to move further south which left only a small part of the main road being closed.

As usual the police, Marshals and RAYNET all worked well together and communications between all was first class.

Our thanks to the organisers for asking RAYNET to take part and we look forward to next years.

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