Northiam to Bodiam 10k

Northiam 10K, 16th September 2018
We were once again kindly asked to assist in this Northiam to Bodiam 10k run, now in its second year.
Last year we encountered a few communication problems, the route is very undulating and goes through some very wooded areas. So this year coverage was the priority. We used a cross band repeater based at a high point at Bodiam Castle. A massive thank you to the National Trust for allowing us to use their land to set up and provide the mains power. Fortunately comms proved to work extremely well, to the point we had to use the back frequency to prevent interfering with Kent Raynet who were covering an event in Folkestone.
Our remit for the race was to inform race control of the location of the lead runner which in turn enabled road closures to be in place prior to the arrival of the lead vehicle.
The weather was perfect, if a little muggy, for all involved. Thanks go to our volunteers for their help on the day. Martin M0MJU, Rob 2E0KES, Mike M0OFC, Dave G7LEL and Mike M0EDU.
For more information ………
…and on Bodiam Castle……

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