Hastings Half-Marathon 18/03/18

The Sunday morning of the race was cold, bitterly cold, temperatures struggled to get above freezing and there was a very chilly easterly wind to throw into the mix.

Control had the short straw and was in position first, at 08.30. Other members were in positon between 09.00 and 09.30. With road closures going on from 10.30 as the race started.

Our task for the day was to relay the positions of the front male and female runners back to the “the bus” at the start/finish line, so that the commentators could….well……commentate on the race for all those who turned out to show their support for the runners. In addition to the commentary our other task, all be it brief, was to start the clocks at the 5 and 10 mile points. This year we used the local 2 Meter repeater, GB3ES, to pass on the countdown of the race start, we then reverted back to Raynet simplex frequencies for the duration of the race.

Our comms worked very well, granted a little scratchy in places, but on the whole there was no issues to talk about. This was helped by having our control positioned on the ridge, more or less the highest point of the race route, and relay messages if needed. With no emergencies, thankfully, our day came to close around 14.00.

As always we thank the Lions Club for asking us once again to assist in this fantastic event and a massive thank you to our wonderful volunteers who braved the cold day. Without your help we truly could not do anything. M0MJU Martin. 2EOKES Rob. M0OFC Mike. G4SIF Dick. 2E0EOE Chris. G7LEL Dave. G4CUS Antony(and his lovely wife Linda). G3MGQ Phil.

For more information on the Hastings Lions Club Click HERE.   The Hastings Half HERE



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