LDWA Test for May 2019

This mornng Martin M0MJU, Antony G4CUS and Steve M0SSR took part in the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) test in preparation for the event next year in May.

Martin stayed at North Seat, then went to Check point 1, to liaise with RAYNET-UK groups and Hasting & Rother RAY-NET members, Antony and Steve, who were stationed at Check points,2 then 3 and finally to the start position.

Communications between the North Seat control and out stations 2,3 and start position were very good, after a few hiccups with communication equipment, all signals were clear and readable.

There were 2 x 8900 rigs set on 70cms frequencies at North Seat and a 2 meter rig. The mobile stations had to communicate via a base station on 10w, and a handy on 5w for both the 2m and 70cms.

All in all the event test took about 5 hours.

The sun was out and it was a pleasant days drive in the country side.

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