Northiam Bonfire. 21/10/17

The weather throughout the day was very wet and windy. Storm Brian had hit and looked like it would force the organisers to call off the event.  Fortunately the winds dropped enough to allow the event to go ahead, with a final decision being made on the fireworks later that evening. It was surprising how many people turned out to support the event, despite the weather.

For us the evening began with setting up control at the Church Hall at around 17.00 with all other operators being in position around 18.00. Road blocks were in place from 18.30. Our brief for the evening was to pass communications to and from control/Marshalls/organiser and to inform the location of the front and rear of the procession.

The evening passed without incident, other than a couple of members of the public thinking the road block didn’t apply to them, communications, while a little scratchy, worked very well. The fireworks went ahead as planned and i think everyone had a great evening all be it a tad the wet side.

Thanks go first and foremost to the organisers the who invited us in the first place. And of course our members who braved the elements to help out, M0SSR,M0MJU,2E0KES,G7LEL,G4CUS(and Linda of course), G3MGQ,M0EDU and 2E0EOE.

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