The forecast was dry with the possibility of a couple of showers and true to their word that was indeed the weather for the evening.

Communications were to be through our mobile repeater which was set up in Battle Abbey with control being set up in the Police Station at the opposite end of the High Street.  Group members were positioned at the front and rear of the procession, around the Abbey Green, in Battle Abbey, Market street, at the southern most roadblock and of course in control. Communications worked well with the only problem being actually hearing anything over the noise of the fireworks..

Our brief was to pass on the location of the front and rear of the procession , for which APRS, along with radio comms, was used. Also to relay messages to and from the organisers re crowd numbers, etc. One interesting thing here was the use of the “traffic light crowd code”(red, amber ,green) Green meaning loads of room with Red meaning that only heads can be seen. From the vantage point on the Abbey Police spotters were in place and could identify “Red” points of the crowd, officers on the ground could not see any of this, just proving that a high spot is important for controlling crowds, not just for radio waves.

There is not a lot to add, which always means that things went well. Thanks go the the organisers Battle Bonfire Boyes for inviting us to assist, the team at Battle Abbey for allowing us to erect an antenna on the roof and to use their office space to set up our repeater system and of course our members who we couldn’t do anything with out. M6LYB, 2E0EOE, MOMJU, 2E0KES, MOSSR, G3MGQ, M0OFC, G7LEL AND G4SIF.

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