Battle 10K Run. 3rd September 2017

We were asked to provide communications for the Battle 10K by the Battel Bonfire Boyes,

The weather was almost perfect for the runners, dry, not much wind and not too hot. Our members were in position between 8 and 9 depending on their location.

The main purpose for our involvement was to pass on race numbers of the lead runners to race control and provide communications with the lead vehicle, this enabled race control to provide a running commentary to the public. There were also a couple of positions where we were able to help out in a marshalling role in addition to our comms role. The only slight problem we encountered was difficulty with direct communication with control but this was easily overcome by the relaying of messages.

The only thing left is to thank our members who helped out at the event, G3MGQ, who was in control, 2E0KES, M0EDU, M0OFC, G7LEL, 2E0EOE, G4CUS and of course Linda. And obviously a big thank you to the Bonfire Boyes for asking us in the first place.



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