33rd Hastings Half Marathon. 19/03/17

Firstly a huge thank you to the Hastings Lions Club for asking us to help with this fantastic yearly event once again. It truly is an honour to be involved in such a fantastic event.

The weather for the day was forecast to be strong winds and on this occasion it proved to be correct. The final two miles of the race are in a westerly direction meaning a head wind all the way to finish for the runners. Which after doing 11 miles must have been hard work.

Our job for the day was mainly forwarding race numbers/clock timings to the race control based at the start/finish line so a running commentary could be made over the PA system. You always hope that things will run smoothly with out any dramas. One thing definitely worth mentioning was that an Ambulance was required, a private Ambulance company are used, but was not where it should have been, according to our maps, and also no answer from the telephone number we were given. But one of members Chris, 2E0EOE, ran to the nearest Marshall post to pass the message on. Fortunately an Ambulance was sent.

Hastings can prove to be challenging sometimes for radio signals especially the seafront with its high, Victorian buildings. But we are pleased to say that our repeater and radios worked perfectly.

Thank you to all the members who’s help is, as usual, greatly appreciated. Especially on what was a grey, windy and cold day.

Mike,M0OFC. Dick, G4SIF. Phil G3MGQ. Chris(the runner) 2E0EOE. Dariusz M0PZL, Martin(control) M0MJU. Antony G4CUS and his good lady Linda. Rob 2E0KES. Steve M0SSR and Dave G7LEL

For more information on the Hastings Half-Marathon please click HERE

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