Battle Bonfire 2016

Battle bonfire was our last scheduled event this year. And we are pleased to report that all went very well. The weeks leading up to the event were a little uncertain, there were changes to the Battle Bonfire Boys (BBB) committee and inevitably things were a little confused. Having said that, credit to them for putting on a fantastic evening for all.

H&RRG started to set up around 16.30. Control was positioned at the Police Station along with other user services and our new professional quality Mobile Repeater, using our Ofcom Business licence frequencies, came into play at Battle Abbey. The Antenna was positioned on the roof of the Abbey which was well out of harms way and probably the highest point in the town. In addition to our repeater, we were asked to install RightGuard Security’s repeater in the same place.

Using our business radios communications went extremely well with messages being passed swiftly and professionally. Most comms were routine, where the procession beginning and end were, requests for marshalls, cars parked in the way and such like. Fortunately there were no major problems. St John’s Ambulance were called a couple of times, to the Abbey, for a member of the public fainting and also to treat a burn to one of the Bonfire society’s hands.

Our members were positioned at the road closures, Abbey Green, front and rear of the procession and Mount Street and we even lent one of our radios to The British Transport Police at Battle Station.

The fireworks went without a hitch and the crowds dispersed relatively quickly afterwards. Our evening came to close around 22.30.

Thanks go to several people and groups for the evening. The BBB’s for inviting us in the first place, Sussex Police for working with us and allowing the use of the Police Station for control. RightGuard Security, St John’s Ambulance and British Transport Police.

One special thank you goes to English Heritage, especially Battle Abbey, for allowing us to use the Abbey for our, and RightGuard’s, repeaters and providing food for everyone. And the Abbey staff for being very helpful and accommodating as always.

And last, but by no means least, our members for their invaluable, voluntary, help.

Steve M0SSR, Chris 2E0EOE, Phil G3MGQ, Mike M0OFC, Rob 2E0KES, Dave G7LEL, Dick G4SFI, Steve 2E0GHX and Martin M0MJU.

For more information please check the links below, our FACEBOOK site or our TWITTER feed.

Battle bonfire   Battle Abbey

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