Northiam Bonfire 8th October 2016

The evening started with control being setting up in Northiam village hall at around 17.00 hours. Other H&RRG members were in position for 18.00 hours. The areas to be covered were road closures, four in total, the fire site and the procession.

Road closures began at 18.30 with the procession beginning at 19.50, from the bonfire field, making it’s way through the village then back round to the field for the lighting of the bonfire at 20.30. A spot of heavy rain did little to dampen the crowds enjoyment, as the photo below shows. A fantastic firework display rounded off the evening.

IMG_20161008_204650 (640x360).jpg

Photo courtesy of 2E0GHX.

The group’s role for the evening was to link all the involved parties from one main communication site. The Red Cross could be called upon if needed, which they were for one incident. Sussex 4×4 Response were manning the road closures and could be informed when to put on and take off closures and who to let through.

We can also report that this event marked the first use of our repeater system. This is run under an Ofcom Commercial Licence which enables us to lend fully legal, professional grade mobile and hand held radios to our clients, in this case the Northiam Bonfire Society, so we are able to talk directly to the organisers on the ground. This frees up organisers to do other things while still being in direct contact with everyone via our control. For more information please contact us using the “contact us” link or check out our Facebook page.

The evening really went with a bang, so to speak, communications worked very well, including our repeater, and from where we were it seemed everyone enjoyed this fantastic evening, despite a spot of rain.

With thanks to the organisers, The Northiam Bonfire Society, for asking us to help. Sussex 4×4 Response, for managing the road closures professionally and of course our members, Steve M0SSR, Martin M0MJU, Rob 2E0KES, Dave G7LEL, Antony G4CUS, Linda, Phil G3MGQ, Mike M0OFC, Mike M0EDU, Dick G4SIF, STEVE 2E0GHX and Chris 2E0EOE.

For more information regarding the Northiam Bonfire society click NBS

For more information regarding the Sussex 4×4 Response click 4×4




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