Cold and cloudy were the order of the evening at the Polegrove., which is always better than the wet stuff. As always our duties were to provide communications between all parties and organisations involved, such as the Marshalls, organisers, Red Cross and Security.

The only small problem we encountered was that the fire exits from the field were found to be locked. fortunately a swift call to control and it wasn’t long before the organisers handed out keys to the relevant H&RRG members. With keys in hand all gates were unlocked and ready in-case of any kind of emergency. Thankfully nothing out of the ordinary happened so radio traffic was mainly routine message handling.

In total ten H&RRG members were involved with the evening. These were split into pairs and given a designated area to “patrol”, with the exception of the control pair who stayed with other involved parties. Working in pairs enabled members to take a break while still allowing the venue to be fully covered.

The evening went very well and everyone, including us, seemed to have a great time. With live music, a fairground, food, drink and the firework finale there was something for everyone.

Our thanks go out the event organisers for putting on a great, safe evening and inviting us to be part of it. And of course to our members for giving up their Friday evening and staying out till late. M0SSR, G3MGQ, 2E0KES, G4CUS and his good lady Linda, G7LEL, M0OFC, MOZPL, 2E0EOE AND 2E0GHX

For more information about this and many more Bexhill free events click here.

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