Bexhill Carnival 30th July 2016

Bexhill Carnival 30th July 2016.
The Hastings and Rother RAYNET group were asked to attend the Bexhill Carnival and provide communications for the event, as w e have done for many years now.
The weather was warm, bright but not too hot which is always good for the procession when you have to walk.
It is strange that this event falls on the same weekend every year and the same questions are asked of the Control staff ”Where are we playing cricket today? We thought it was here?” It seems that the second 11 of Horsham were told they had a match and that it was at the Polgrove. However having spoken to the Bexhill Cricket Chairman he informs us that they should know where they are playing as they would have been told at the start of the season. Communication seems to be such a difficult thing to get right these days!!
The control was set up at the pavilion with the new 20ft collapsible mast on a car wheel stand and the operating equipment was placed in the cricket pavilion. The group’s FT8900 quad band was used as more power is required on this event because of the distance needed for communications.
The carnival started to form up at about 11.00 am and they left site at exactly 13.00 Hrs. In the lead car, about 10 – 15 minutes ahead of the procession, was Antony G4CUS with the organisers and Marshall’s who are responsible for making sure the way ahead is clear, arrange for the rolling road closures to be in place, and inform Control where they are.
The head of the procession, in another car, was Mike M0OFC who maintains contact with the lead car to informing them of the location of the head of the procession and with Control to inform them of the same. Two UHF radios are used for communication between the two vehicles which saves too much traffic being used on the RAYNET frequency.
The rolling road closures must not be put on early so as not to create too much inconvenience to traffic.
At the rear of the procession was Steve 2E0GHX and Dariusz M0ZPL whose job it is to make sure the rolling road closures are removed by the Marshall’s and provide communication to control as to their location.
The event went smoothly and there were no incidents. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves including the organisers and H&R RAYNET members.
Thanks go to Antony G4CUS, Linda, Mike M0OFC, Dariusz M0ZPL, Martin M0MJU, Phil G3MGQ, Steve 2E0GHX, Steve M0SSR, Carol and Dave G7LEL for their valued participation.
Thanks go to the organisers for asking us to attend this prestigious event and we have already been booked for next year.

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