Sussex Electronics and Radio Fair(SERF)

SERF was held over the weekend of 3rd, 4th and 5th of June 2016 at the Eastbourne Sports Park.

With this event being only in it’s second year, and the first time it had been over an entire weekend, our roles were pretty much decided on the day. These included managing the parking and unloading of goods around the hall. Once the entrance to the camper/caravan field was identified H&RR Group also assisted in directing vehicle onto it. All members took great care NOT to get in the way of moving vehicles. On the 5th June the Sports Park was sharing the facilities with SERF and also a girls football match. The decision was made to escort vehicles to and from the unloading site to minimise any likely risks. Normally all communications would go via control, but with the increase in radio traffic between members involved with the escorting of vehicles, direct communications between the members involved was allowed and worked very well.

Control was handed over to Dan M0HOW and Mike M0MDU, who were camping on site, for the evening/night shifts. The role of Dan and Mike was not for security but really as a central point of contact should anything SERF related be needed or indeed an Emergency.

The weather for the weekend started a little on the chilly side for the Friday, and working outside members would have preferred the sun to make an appearance. But as the days progressed the weather became almost summer like. I think everyone involved returned home looking like they had just had an overseas holiday.

Saturday 4th, with the weather improving, members were kept busy all day with a steady stream of exhibitors arriving and members of the public coming to view what was on offer. The camper field was very quiet so may well not need to be manned next year. There was hot food on site in the form of a good old fashioned burger wagon, which also had a nice cold supply of drinks in addition to the tea, coffee and burgers available.

Sunday 5th, this was the hottest of the three days. Other than some exhibitors and members of the public arriving, our day was pretty much straightforward. Giving us a chance to talk about many things, including amateur radio of course. As the day progressed exhibitors began to leave so our roles reversed, guiding everyone out safely

We do think it is important to point out that although this event was quite laid back for us we are professionals at what we do, communication, and this never once slipped. All positions were manned at all times when needed.

Thankfully there were no problems reported to us and things seemed to run smoothly all round. Compliments were in abundance from exhibitors, visitors and the organisers which is always nice and shows members knew exactly what they were doing.

With thanks to all our members involved, Antony G4CUS, Mike M0OFC, Dick, G4SIF, Dan M0HOW, Mike M0MDU, Chris 2E0EOE, Dave G7LEL, Dariusz M0ZPL, Rob 2E0KES and Steve MoSSR. We would also like to thank Mat who turned out and was a great asset to the team.

We look forward to assisting in next years event and thank the SERF team for asking us to help in the first place.

For ore information on SERF, Check out their website,  SERF






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