Hastings Half Marathon 2016

The start of spring, well nearly, was kind for all involved in the Hastings Half Marathon. Cloudy, dry and cold was the order of the day and, with the lack of wind, favoured the runners.

The Hastings and Rother Raynet Group were all in position for 09.30 with the exception of control, positioned at the Cemetery Gates on The Ridge, which was there at 08.30. The Group was requested to pass messages, via control, to the start/finish area. Lead runner’s numbers, times and positons were all relayed to the bus, race HQ, down at the start/finish area. Clocks at the five and ten mile positons needed to be started at the same time as the main clock and lead vehicle clock. The group’s responsibility was to provide a countdown echoed on the main operating frequency. This did not quite work. Thankfully not our fault, for reasons unknown the clock at the start/finish line, which wasn’t controlled by us, was zeroed with 27seconds to go. So all we had to go on was a straight forward “Go” form the bus. Even having to relay via control both clocks were less than three seconds out. Not bad at all, imagine having to do that from mobile phones.

The Hastings area can be quite challenging for radio communications. It’s hilly terrain and high seafront buildings certainly do there best to block signals. But with control in an elevated position and Group members along the route all messages were passed without problem. Other than an Ambulance request for a collapsed runner and a request for security at one of the road closures, all other messages were pretty much routine. However we do think that this goes show the importance of professional, licenced radio operators at large events like this.

H&RRG were proud to be a part of this, the 32nd Hastings Half Marathon. Further information including race results can be found here  Hastings-Half

Thank you all for your help in this 950th, 1066 Battle of Hastings anniversary, Hastings Half Marathon on what was a very cold day.   M0MJU, 2E0KES, M0OFC, M0HOW, G4SIF, 2E0EOE, G7LEL, M0ZPL, G3MGQ, 2E0GHX AND M0SSR.








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