Battle Bonfire 7/11/2015

Well the last event of the year 2015 for the group was Battle Bonfire Boyes evening at battle Abbey. It went with a “Bang” and a few “Whooops” and “Screams” as well.

No big problems from the groups point of view and communications with control were good. There were a few problems with the communications on the Marshall’s side. Unfortunately their communication skills using radios does need some tidying up.  The group have offered training in this area but as yet it has not been taken up.

The procession, consisting of around 8 different Bonfire Societies,  started a bit late by about 20 minuets but eventually got under way and made steady progresses down the High Street towards Powdermill Roundabout where it turned and came back to the Green outside Battle Abbey.  The Saxsons, at the front of the procession, then came through the main Abbey Gate and congregated in the car park. Unfortunately there were some rather tall fire sticks and the smoke from these set off the alarm on the second floor of the Abbey. This prompted the Fire Brigade to send their truck – stationed at Powdermill – up to the Abbey to investigate.  There were problems in them getting to the Abbey and when they did get there and sort out the situation they had the same problem getting back out. Once the procession got back under way there were no more instances with the alarms. The procession did have to stop a couple of times to let emergency traffic through and a Toad, that decided to make it’s way across the road, but on the whole it finished safely back at the Green. The bonfire and effigies were then lit on the triangle outside the Abbey.

The firework display was very impressive with some of the larger rockets causing a stir within the crowd.

Thanks go to the following group members for their attendance on this last, and very late, event of the year, Antony G4CUS, Linda, Arthur G7OOP, Chris 2E0EOE, Dave G7LEL, Dan M0HOW, Dariusz M0ZPL, Dick G4SIF,  Issy 2E0IJA, Martin M0MJU, Mike M0OFC, Phil G3MGQ, Steve 2E0GHX and Steve MOSSR.

Thanks also to the organisers Battle Bonfire Boys for asking us to take part in this, one of the best Bonfire Evenings, prestigious events.

We must not of course forget to thank English Heritage for their use of the Abbey conference room for control and of course for putting on some rather hot food foe all the organisers.

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