Bexhill/Hastings Link Road 10K Run. (BHLR10K). 20/09/2015

Hastings and Rother RAYNET were proud to provide communications support for this totally unique and one off race, working primarily with race control and the Red Cross. Race control required the lead male and female runner’s numbers and the starting of the clock at the 5K point. Fortunately there were no incidents for the Red Cross to attend.

From a runners perspective it was quite a challenging race. The sun made a rare appearance and air temperature was surprisingly warm. The road is still at the building stage in places, with only about 80% of it covered in tarmac the rest covered in compressed base layers making it slippery under foot in places. Between the 4K and 5K point was a steep incline for the runners to contend with.

We must admit that we did have some reception issues, the terrain and noise at the control hindered transmissions. However, we did work as a team and managed to relay messages between stations.

Thanks go out to Dan, M0HOW, who was controller for the day, Mike, M0OFC, who followed the tail runners back, from the 5K point, on his push bike! Phil, G3MGQ, who was out on the route, on foot and Rob 2E0KES for setting the 5K clock. And, of course, the Lions Club for requesting our assistance at this-never to be repeated-event.

For more information and results, please look at the hastings-half website.


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