Bexhill party in the Park 24th July 2015

Bexhill Party in the Park 24th July 2015

Hastings & Rother RAYNET supported the Party in The Park at Bexhill on the 24th July in some would say terrible weather conditions. Group members arrived at 17.00 hours and had to sit in their vehicles until a break in the weather.

At about 18.00 there was a break in the weather and the members were deployed into their sections of the park by Control, where Antony G4CUS and Linda took this position this year. It is only necessary for handhelds to be used here as the event is in the cricket field. The park was spit into the usual quarters and each pair patrolled their quarter. There is usually some overlap but this is considered the best way to cover the whole park.

With there being very little cover at the park it was inevitable that everybody got soaking wet. Water was pouring out of peoples shoes at one point! Although there are trees at the park with the amount of rain that was falling it was not worth trying to hide under them as the drops of rain from the trees was even bigger than that which was falling naturally from the sky. Fortunately for the group it was not cold.

There was free food laid on for the members, which was very welcome, in the form of a burger, or sausage and a hot cup of tea or coffee which was most welcome.

The event went off without any problems but because of the rain it was a bit disappointing for the organisers as the amount of people that was expected was well down, even though they had “Bucks Fizz” at the event.

All in all, the group had an enjoyable evening with plenty to talk about – mostly about the rain – after we had stand down at 22.00 Hrs.

Thanks to Antony G4CUS, Linda, Dane M0HOW, Issy 2E0IJA, Steve M0SSR, Mike M0OFC, Chris 2E0EOE and Dave G7LEL for turning out on such a dreadful night.

The group would also like to thank the organisers for asking us to attend and we look forward to next year if we are asked to attend, but please try and have some good weather for us!!.

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