Bexhill Carnival 25th July 2015

Bexhill Carnival 25th July 2015.

The Hastings and Rother RAYNET group were asked again to attend the Bexhill Carnival and provide communications for the event.

The weather was much better than the night before, it was warm with a gentle breeze.

As usual the team set control at the pavilion with a 20ft mast on a car wheel stand and the operating equipment was inside the cricket pavilion. A Yaesu 8900 is set up as the carnival starts at Turkey road and a little more power is required sometimes to the out stations.

The carnival started to form up at about 11.00 am and they left site at exactly 13.00 Hrs. In the lead car, about 10 – 15 minutes ahead of the procession, was Antony G4CUS with the organisers and Marshall’s who are responsible for making sure the way ahead is clear and arrange for the rolling road closures to be in place.

At the head of the procession, in another car, was Mike M0OFC who maintained contact with the lead car as to their location. This was so that the rolling road closures are not put on to early and traffic is not disrupted unnecessarily. Communication between the lead car and the lead car of the procession is direct and not through control.

At the rear of the procession was Dan M0HOW an Dariusz 2E0PH whose job it is to make sure the rolling road closures are removed by the Marshall’s and that no traffic tries to overtake the procession and provide communication to control as to their location.

The whole point of continued communication is that the front of the procession can be held up for short periods to keep the procession as short as possible.

The event went smoothly and there were no incidents.

Thanks go to Dan M0HOW, Issy 2E0IJA, Steve M0SSR, Antony G4CUS, Linda, Mike M0OFC, Dariusz 2E0SPH and Dave G7LEL for their valued participation.

Thanks also go to the organisers for asking us to attend this prestigious event and we look forward to being asked to attend next year.

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