Bexhill Roaring 20’s report Saturday 18th July 2015

Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group (HRRG) report on Roaring 20’s event 18/7/2015

On Saturday the 18th, at Bexhill, around the De La Warr area, HRRG supplied communications for the event. The group worked closely with the Marshall’s and with security to make sure the event ran as smoothly as possible.

The area of the event was split into 5 zones and two RAYNET operators manned each zone. Two operators walked with the procession which went from the De La Warr up Sackville Road into Western Road and down Devonshire Road where a 1920’s prohibition event took place.

Control was situated in the car park outside the De La Warr and proved to be the right location as it was central to all the areas.

The day was very warm and there were very few incidents, which is always a good sign for both HRRG and for the organisers. With a large number of the public in attendance the organisers did a good job of making sure people were well looked after and kept safe. Car parking at this type of event is always a problem and the majority of the public realised this and were on the whole appreciative of any assistance they got to park their vehicles from the organisers.

During the day many events were taking place and as we had spare operators we decided to have a roaming operator, which proved to be a major success and will be employed again when we have excess operators at similar events. This enabled HRRG to cover a bigger area than was actually required but in the end it did prove successful.

Everybody enjoyed themselves and it proved to be a very worthwhile day for all concerned. While the job has to be done properly there is still room to enjoy the day and have a laugh with each other.

Thanks to Phil G3MGQ, Dan M0HOW, Issy 2E0IJA, Mike M0OFC, Steve M0SSR, Antony G4CUS, Linda, Dave G7LEL, Chris 2E0EOE, Mike M0EDU and Dariusz 2E0SPH for taking part in the event

Our thanks also go to the organisers for asking HRRG to participate at this event and hope that we can assist again next year.

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