Sussex Electronics and Radio Fair (SERF) 6th June 2015

headerimageThis was a new event for Hastings & Rother RAYNET Group(H&RRG) and in fact was a new event for Sussex. The event was run by SERF,, who are a collection of groups who joined together to make this Fare the first Radio Rally event for the Sussex area since the Brighton Rally stopped many years ago.

H&RRG were involved on the Friday evening of the 5th to assist with traffic, parking and general handling of exhibitors unloading. Thanks to Mike M0OFC, Antony G4CUS, Dick G4SIF, Steve M0SSR and Alex M6ZZS who turned out for the evening shift and worked to 22.00 hrs.

On the Saturday H&RRG dealt with all the parking and moving of traffic to unload and park. Although this work is not what we normally do, it was felt that, as experienced communications specialists, it was easier for us to manage this particular function for the event thus leaving all other areas to the organisers to deal with.

When the event closed our Group members assisted the exhibitors in leaving the premises in a safe and organised manner.
The main event hall was covered by some of the members to provide back up for the organisers in general assistance to the public for information as to where things were.

Thanks to Mike M0OFC, Dick G4SIF, Alex M6ZZS, Phil G3MGQ, Chris 2E0EOE, Steve 2E0GHX, Steve M0SSR and Dave G7LEL for taking part.
There were no major problems for the group and all positive attitudes toward the event were received from exhibitors and visitors alike.

H&RRG would like to thank SERF for inviting us to attend and participate at the event and are available – if required – to participate at next year’s event.


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