Event Report – Hastings Half Marathon 22nd March 2015

Working in cooperation with the Hastings Half-Marathon event Marshalls, the Hastings and Rother RAYNET Group(H&RRG) provided emergency communications support for the event which was attended by hundreds of people showing their support to the runners.

Firstly thanks go out to everybody that was able to help on the day, starting with Martin M0MJU who took the responsibility of RAYNET control at cemetery gates on the ridge.Mike M0OFC at the start/finish, Dick G4SIF in the lead vehicle, Dave G7LEL at Harley Shute, Phil G3MGQ at the bottom of Queensway, Chris 2E0EOE with the 5 mile clock, Mike M0EDU St Helens Methodist church on the ridge, Rob 2E0KES with the 10 mile clock, Steve M0SSR Hastings seafront and ending up with Dan M0HOW and Izzy 2E0IJA along by the Azur on St Leonards seafront.

Fortunately the weather was, on the whole, kind to volunteers and participants alike, all be it cold.

From H&RRG’s point of view the day went without any real incident and luckily no requests for ambulances were received by our members.

The time clocks on route were set and the first two male and female runners were reported through to the start finish line, via control, to help race organisers keep upto date who was where, and when. The tail end runners were also reported through to race organisers.

The winning male runner was number 2, Sammy Nyokaye From Kenya, in a little over 65 minutes. The winning female runner was Mercyline Ondieki, also from Kenya.

H&RRG will be looking forward to working with the Hastings Half Marathon organisers again next year following a successful and enjoyable day for everybody watching, helping and running.


Rob 2E0KES





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