Welcome to the web site of the Hastings & Rother RAY-NET group. The group is composed of unpaid volunteers who are both licensed radio amateurs and unlicensed support volunteers. Our Group call sign is G7ERC and is used when the Group is active.


Our aim is to provide essential and emergency communications to organisations and government departments known as to “User Services” We aim to provide this support primarily via the use of amateur radio equipment & radio frequencies. Communication these days is becoming more and more necessary during events when user services are being cut because of cost. Our role is purely communication, we are good at what we do, and do not interfere with the users services only assist them in letting them know what is going on. We do not do security, that is a specialist area, and we do not do marshalling. Marshalls at events do not always have radios and we assist them in their duties by providing the communication between the marshals and their control point.

Who are the User Services

  • Any health authority

  • Any government department

  • British Red Cross

  • St John Ambulance

  • St Andrew’s Ambulance Association

  • WRVS

  • Salvation Army

  • Any ‘Public Utility’. This can include BT, Gas and Water suppliers etc.


Reliable Point to Point Communication

Much of amateur radio communication is point to point and independent of network type infrastructures that could fail like mobile cellular networks or equipment that is connected to the mains, all have the potential to FAIL. RAY-NET operate via mobile radios, which are driven by batteries, these cannot fail only run out. Batteries can be charged, and in some cases are, by solar panels which totally eliminate the need of electricity. RAY-NET operators carry spare batteries that are fully charged and these can be changed over in a matter of seconds should the need arise.

Range of allocated frequencies

RAY-NET operators, have at their disposal, many frequencies open for them to use. International frequencies are kept clear for use by emergency services. Amateur radio allows operation on numerous bands from less than 1 MHz to thousands of MHz. Allowing both long and short range communication.

Business Radio

The group also holds Ofcom business radio licences which allow us to operate a repeater both fixed and mobile which can improve our range by not having to be located at the control point. We are also able to issue radios to event organisers who do not have an amateur radio licence who are then directly contactable from event control.

Who can volunteer for RAY-NET

The simple answer is “anybody”. There are many jobs that can be undertaken by volunteers within the Group. You DO NOT have to have an amateur radio licence, it does help, and the Group can assist you in getting your licence with the aid of its fully qualified instructors and tutors. Areas of responsibility can be held by anybody and all volunteers can be used at events in one form or another. There are secretarial jobs that need doing, event plans and documentation.

So don’t be shy step forward and join your local RAY-NET Group. See the contacts page for your first port of call.


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